School of Veterinary Medicine
 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
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Faculty or department
School of Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Academic background
The University of Tokyo  Doctor course  Grad School of Agri & Life Sci Veterinary Medical Science  2000/03  Completed  Domestic 
The University of Tokyo    Faculty of Agriculture School of Veterinary Medicine  1997/03  Graduated  Domestic 

Academic degrees
Ph.D  The University of Tokyo  2000/03

Current research fields
General Pharmacology
Basic Veterinary Science/Basic Animal Science

Research keywords
Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Vascular Biology, Vascular Endothelium, Vascular Smooth Muscle, Atherosclerosis, Hypertension, Diabetes-related Vascular Dysfunction, Adipocytokine, Signal Transduction, Contraction Physiology

Academic awards
Circulation Journal Award  2007  Domestic

Alloted class

Academic societies
The Japanese Society of Veterinary Science 2006 - Present Domestic
Councillor  2009 - Present
The Japanese Pharmacological Society 2006 - Present Domestic
 2014 - Present
Councillor  2011 - Present
Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 2005 - Present Domestic
The Japanese Circulation Society 2004 - Present Domestic
American Heart Association 2001 - Present Overseas

Licenses and qualifications