School of Marine Biosciences
 Department of Marine Biosciences
Associate Professor
Yoshinaga   Tatsuki
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Faculty or department
School of Marine Biosciences Department of Marine Biosciences

Academic background
The University of Tokyo  Doctor course  Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences Department of Aquatic Bioscience  2000  Completed  Domestic 
Shinshu University  Master course  Graduate School, Division of Engineering Department of Applied Biology  1996  Completed  Domestic 
Shinshu University    Faculty of Textile Science and Technology Department of Applied Biology  1994  Graduated  Domestic 

Academic degrees
PhD  The University of Tokyo  2000/01

Research Fellow, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo  2000/01 - 2001/03
JSPS Fellow at Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo  2001/04 - 2004/03
Research Fellow of Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford University  2004/05 - 2005/04
Jr. Associate Professor, School of Fisheries, Kitasato University  2005/06 - 2008/03
Jr. Associate Professor, School of Marine Biosciences, Kitasato University  2008/04 - 2015/03
Associate Professor, School of Marine Biosciences, Kitasato University  2015/04 - Present

State of education and research activities
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Current research fields
General Fishery Studies

Research keywords
Population dynamics, Life history, Evolution, Adaptation, Rotifer, Anguilla, Ammodytes, Tribolodon

Academic awards
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Alloted class
Aquatic Seedling Production
Graduation Thesis
Seminar in Marine Biosciences
Laboratory Course in Marine Bioscience II
Field Studies for Marine Bioscience
Learning Skill
Health Science
Conservation and sustainable use of freshwater eel

Academic societies
Japanese Society for Fisheries Science 1999 - Present Domestic
 2015 - Present
 2014 - Present
 2008 - 2010
 2006 - 2007
East Asia Eel Society 2016 - Present Domestic
Editorial affairs  2016 - Present
East Asia Eel Resource Consortium 1998 - 2016 Domestic
 2016 - 2016
 2014 - 2016
 2014 - 2014
 2011 - 2013